Braces can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. But there is a more discreet treatment option: Invisalign, which we offer in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and the surrounding areas.

Designed to be virtually invisible, Invisalign is a series of removable and comfortable aligners made of smooth BPA-free clear plastic. It’s made with 3D computer imaging technology and worn over the teeth to gently and subtly move teeth into place.

Each aligner is accurately made to fit you at every stage of the treatment plan.

Benefits of Invisalign Over Other Orthodontic Treatments

Because the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want during the treatment. Brushing and flossing are no problem, too. Because it does not involve metal and wires, they don’t cause mouth abrasions during treatment. That also means less time spent in the orthodontist’s office getting adjustments.

Advanced Imaging Technology + Science of Orthodontics

clinic proceduresUndergoing orthodontic treatment is a major decision that will affect your quality of life and finances. Naturally, you want a Jacksonville or St. Augustine orthodontist you can trust with Invisalign.

This is where St. Johns Orthodontics comes in.

Our very own Dr. Jason P. Ouellette combines advanced 3D computer imaging technology with the century-old science of orthodontics.

During your first consultation with us, Dr. Ouellette will use X-rays, impressions, and photos to create an accurate and precise three-dimensional image of your teeth, allowing him to configure your aligner trays accordingly.

Having straighter teeth is easier with St. Johns Orthodontics’ Invisalign treatment.

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