Tips to Avoid Braces Staining

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For many people, bonded ceramic braces are the best option when braces become necessary. The ceramic braces offered at St. John’s Orthodontics are either clear or tooth-colored, and allow for discreet and non-invasive tooth treatment.

Keeping this relatively unnoticeable look is partially up to the person with the braces as well, however. Modern technology has made ceramic braces less likely to stain, but the risk still exists – particularly on the elastic ligatures that hold the brackets together. Here are some tips for avoiding stains on ceramic braces.

Brush After Meals

This is the most important step for various areas of tooth care, including preventing stains on braces. This washes any food color and flavors off, and in a more overall sense, removes harmful bacteria that can lead to plaque. This leads to lower rates of tooth decay, which can cause a whole other set of problems.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can directly stain teeth, whether natural or ceramic. Nicotine is known to give ligatures a yellow coloration that’s very unattractive, and it can stain the brackets as well in some cases. These are typically very deep stains that are hard to remove, and they also often come with bad breath.

Flossing and Rinsing

Floss and rinse regularly to ensure that dirt is removed, even in tougher places to reach. If you don’t ceramic braces will discolor and eventually stain over time.

Foods to Approach Carefully

Red is the color that’s toughest for ceramic braces, so many people with them will be careful around things like tomatoes, ketchup, beets and other red products. Mustard also can instantly stain brackets. In general, any food with significant added coloring should receive caution.

Ligature Changes

In most cases, ligatures for ceramic braces are clear. These are the easier elements of the brackets to stain, so you have two options here if you’re worried about staining: Either change them more often, or consider darker ligature colors in the first place. Both options can be good, depending on your aesthetic preferences.
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