Signs an Adult Might Need Braces

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Most people tend to associate braces with children, and this is understandable given their more common frequency among kids and teenagers. With the rise of Invisalign and other technologies that allow braces to be virtually invisible and non-invasive, however, adult usage of braces is on the rise in recent years as well.

At St. Johns Orthodontics, we service both adults and children who are in need of braces or other support services. As an adult, what are some signs that you might need braces? Let’s take a look.

Crooked Teeth

Even if you never had crooked teeth as a child, these can still develop during your adult years. These can be a result of an injury, tongue thrust or natural growth of teeth, which can continue during adult ages. If you begin to notice teeth in crooked positions, you may have to consider adult braces.

Eating Difficulties

If your bite is affected by misalignment, eating habits may begin to compensate for this over time. Try to pay attention to how you bite food – do you favor one area of the mouth over another? If eating habits are changing, braces could be in your future.


Are you suddenly struggling to pronounce certain words you’ve never had issues with before? Believe it or not, this could be related to tooth issues. A 2016 study showed that articulation problems can be associated with malocclusions in the mouth, especially open bites.

Trouble Cleaning

Maintaining proper oral hygiene can become very difficult with crooked or crowded teeth. Food might stick more easily, and flossing and brushing effectively will be more difficult. These troubles can disappear after braces help align the teeth, though.

Poor Bite

Braces don’t only result from crooked teeth – a bite that doesn’t fit together correctly can be another impetus for them. If you notice a space between top and bottom teeth, or lack a normal bite in any way, braces might be the best solution.

Want to learn more about the right times for adult braces, or interested in the affordable braces options our orthodontists provide? Call us at St. Johns Orthodontics today.

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