Getting Braces Off As Fast As Possible

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Virtually no one truly enjoys wearing braces, both for comfort and self-esteem reasons. Some people feel they’re forced to smile less or stay away from other common social interactions, and problems like this are even more common among children.

At St. John’s Orthodontics, we’re here to help. We have several affordable braces options that offer advantages over traditional styles, and we’ll help you and your child with habits that will help get braces off as soon as possible. Here are some common important areas as far as minimizing the total time you’ll spend wearing braces.


Brushing the teeth twice a day is essential for a few reasons, but particularly for those wearing braces. Braces introduce a whole new set of nooks and crannies that might trap food particles and turn it into bacteria-laden plaque.

Also be sure to regularly floss teeth that have braces on them – a combination of floss and a toothpick after certain meals can help you stay away from the embarrassment of food stuck in braces, but can also go a long way to preserving the long-term health of the braces and the teeth in question. If you can, look to brush and floss after as many meals as possible.


It’s generally okay to eat most of the same kinds of foods once you start wearing braces, but there are a few areas to avoid to maintain their long-term effectiveness. Certain foods may now need to be cut up instead of eaten whole – items like apples or corn that might bend braces wires, for instance.

As far as avoidance, we’re mostly talking about foods that are crunchy and could break or bend the braces. Think popcorn, ice, corn and kettle chips. Many chewy foods like taffy, caramel and gum can also catch the braces and pull them off. Speak to your dentist about any specific questions you have here.

Clear Braces

One reason clear braces like our Invisalign products have grown so much in popularity is because of the way they remove many of the above issues. These braces can be removable, and can avoid many of the food catching issues you’ll see with traditional braces. Ask your dentist if one of these clear styles can be right for you or your child.

For more information on important areas for braces maintenance, or to learn more about all our affordable braces, speak to the staff at St. John’s Orthodontics today.

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