Common Orthodontist Dental Appliances 

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At St. John’s Orthodontics, we have orthodontist services to fill you and your family’s every need. Whether it’s one of our affordable braces options or one of our other services, we’ll help keep your oral health where it needs to be.  

Most people know about simple items like braces or retainers, but we deal with several other appliances that might benefit your mouth as well. Here are some of the most common oral appliances you’ll find, and what they do for the mouth.  


Braces, likely the most common dental appliance in an orthodontist office, are meant to straighten the teeth. Traditional braces come with brackets, bands and wires to hold the braces in place, though newer options like Invisalign are eliminating some of these needs.  


Before braces are placed into the mouth, you may be fitted with spacers. These are small plastic rings that go in between the back teeth, helping create space to optimize the alignment provided by braces.  


Most have also heard of retainers, which are used after braces are out of the mouth. Retainers are essentially a removable continuation of the braces process, meant to help hold teeth in their finished position even once braces aren’t there to do this anymore.  

Holding Arches 

These are arches that prevent the back teeth from moving forward and crowding the front teeth. A lower lingual arch prevents permanent molars from moving forward, while the Nance holding arch keeps space between the teeth after children lose baby teeth but before their permanent teeth have come in.  

Bite Plates 

These are meant to correct a deep bite, an issue where the upper front teeth come down too far over the lower front teeth. Deep bites can lead to major bite problems in some cases.  

Palatal Expander 

This is a device that separates the bones of the palate, thereby widening the upper jaw. This helps the top and bottom teeth fit together, and can create more room for cases of crowded teeth.  

To learn more about the various appliances you’ll find in our office, or to learn about any of our affordable braces, speak to the pros at St. John’s Orthodontics today.  

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