Advantages of Invisalign Over Standard Braces

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Modern technology has brought many advances in the dental field, and one of the chief areas this can be seen is within the realm of braces. At St. John’s Orthodontics, we offer a number of different braces or similar orthodontic treatments to provide a permanent line of defense against many dental issues.
One of these options are our Invisalign treatments. These are a form of tooth alteration that help straighten the teeth without using any invasive wires or brackets, instead working with a group of clear appliances called aligners. Which advantages do Invisalign products hold over typical braces? Let’s take a look.

Visual Appearance

Metal and wire braces have an obvious and stigmatized appearance, but there’s none of that with Invisalign treatments. Many people will be completely unable to notice these aligners, which are clear and conform directly to you tooth structure. Especially for kids who worry about the social pressures of braces, Invisalign can be a great choice.


The wire and metal in standard braces aren’t just unattractive elements – they can be dangerous, too. With any trauma to the mouth, or sometimes even without, they can scratch or puncture areas on the inside of the mouth or gums. Invisalign products, though, contain no sharp edges or metal. In addition, issues with decay from traditional braces (caused by the force they exert on the teeth to straighten them) are nonexistent with Invisalign.


Invisalign braces are removable, unlike regular braces, and they’re generally far less invasive from a comfort standpoint.


If you or your child gets braces, there’s a chance they might need to be worn for up to five full years to achieve the desired effect. Invisalign can often take as little as a single year, however, or a year and a half in some cases. In addition, treatment planning with Invisalign is totally computerized – you’ll know exactly how long they need to stay on, unlike a metal braces situation that can often be more of a trial-and-error process.
Want to learn more about Invisalign treatments, or any of our other orthodontist services? Contact the friendly service staff at St. John’s Orthodontics today.

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